What services should a product certification consultant provide?

Groll Ingeniería Groll Ingeniería / September 3, 2020 /

What services should a product certification consultant provide? Are you receiving the service you are paying for?

A certification consulting company should...

  • Have a professional who gives you advice and helps you solve the non-conformities of your product.
  • Provide you with a platform where your clients and your dispatcher can download all the documents related to the certification process, without the need for your intervention.
  • Design your product labels to comply with regulations.
  • Notify you about changes in the regulations well in advance so that you can adjust.
  • Prepare and present the forms in the intervening organizations.
  • Evaluate and manage the most convenient certification system for your product, optimizing costs and deadlines.
  • Manage the entire certification process, from the beginning to obtaining the approval document.
  • Stay in contact with all the organizations involved in the process so you don't have to (Laboratory, OCP).
  • Keep track of certificate expiry dates to renew their validity.

If your consultant only does this last item, he is not a consultant; he is a project manager.